Meet Ally

Owner Alexandria Schiller (a.k.a Ally) is from Long Island, New York. As an elementary school teacher, Ally enjoys helping her students and creating an environment that makes learning new topics fun. It is a very rewarding experience for her.

Outside her professional life what began as a plant hobby quickly consumed Ally and her home, expanding into sharing her passion with others. In conversations it became clear that many people were unable to keep their house plants alive and would express how they wished they could.

With the topic of education at the forefront of her mind, Ally decided to educate people; not only on how to care for plants but on affordable types to bring into homes. She encourages people to watch plants grow with their collections instead of giving up; sending them down a path of success.

About Us

Born from a love of the monstera plant, Monstera’s goal is to put a plant in every home, including yours. Owner Ally has found that through aquaculture, even the most inexperienced of plant owners can be successful. They too can grow gorgeous and rewarding plants and fill their homes with a miniature jungle, no dirt required.
Whether you have limited space, or are just a beginning plant owner, the simplistic beauty of a plant grown in water can bring a bit of nature home to everyone.

Our plant jars are reusable—ready to be repurposed. We want to avoid creating waste that plastic pots bring to the environment. By growing plants in water instead of soil you are conserving water as well.

All Monstera plants are kid-friendly. You also have a better chance of avoiding bugs and allergies because they’re grown in water rather than soil.

We Can Help Together

People and plants are very much the same. Both need water, sunlight and time to grow!
Monstera feels strongly about helping people and problem-solving. Bringing awareness to the water crisis in the world. As a result, 5% of our net sales goes to Charity: Water—a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people around the world. Focusing on communities in need.