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These beautiful plants feature fenestrations (or holes) in their lovely leaves and give every room a tropical feel.


One of the easiest plants to grow, this low-light favorite forms long tropical looking vines with lovely broad leaves.

Polka Dot Begonia

For slightly more advanced growers, the cheery dots on the polka dot begonia are second only to their beautiful blooms.

About Us

Born from a love of the monstera plant, Monstera’s goal is to put a plant in every home, including yours. Owner, Ally has found that through aquaculture, even the blackest of thumbs can grow gorgeous and rewarding plants and fill their homes with a miniature jungle, no dirt required.
Whether you have limited space, or are just a beginning plant owner, the simplistic beauty of a plant grown in water can bring a bit of nature home to everyone.

Why Monstera?

Easy to care for

Our plants require only water, and a bit of food, to thrive. No mold, no bugs, no dirt!

Minimal sunlight needed

We offer easy-to-grow, low and medium light plants so that even the blackest of thumbs can enjoy the beauty of plants.

Low flat rate shipping

Don’t worry – your plants will arrive safely and quickly!

5% of sales go to charity

We send 5% of our net sales to Charity Water, helping to ensure that people around the world have clean water to drink.

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